Louise, people just differ. I found breastfeeding very similar to sex in some ways and I enjoyed it, not sexually but because of the build up to it, the release when the milk lets down, the release of oxytocin which is a kind of happy hormone, when the milk flows down and of course the physical satisfaction of having the little baby up against your body etc. I also remember flirting with a male doctor when I was in hospital for one birth although I didn't find the birth process arousing itself. It certainly felt powerful and yet submissive because you're taken over so much. I also find my cycles erotic, the changes, monitoring when I am most submissive throughout the month and have enjoyed men with a similar interest in that. But we all differ. All part of life's rich pattern. I certainly didn't find being woken at night by babies at all erotic. In fact I felt hormonally programmed to avoid sex after birth because all those kind of psychosexual feelings were then turned towards the baby in a very natural and protective way that seems so special at the time and men need to understand so they don't feel rejected.

by Hera on 2006 Jul 2 - 08:33 | reply to this comment A husband impregnating his wife Suzanne, I thoroughly enjoyed your article on how your husband impregnated you, dominated and controlled you. Your story reflects almost exactly my relationship with my first wife. She too was wonderfully submissive and I, of course, made all the decisions for her. Her beautiful swollen body was enjoyed and put to good use many times. I now would like My new wife to experience something similar and even more intense.


by a Taken In Hand reader on 2006 Jul 21 - 14:05 | reply to this comment Pregnancy I was happy to be pregnant as we wanted children but it was uncomfortable for me and although I enjoyed feeling my babies kick inside of me I really didn't like being pregnant.

During breastfeeding I did enjoy that and the sexual feelings that came along with it.

Now I look at our children and wonder how I did it 4 times.

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